Datawovn is an experiment in new media: an open-access online magazine devoted to data journalism.

The goal of this site is to use data to sketch out modern life, to shed light on who we are and how we live, and to underscore where we’re making progress—and falling short—as a society.

People are visual, active learners, which makes interactive graphics a uniquely powerful medium for storytelling. But this site is about more than nice-looking charts; its aim is to give coherence and relevance to the oceans of data around us.

My name is Chris Walker, and I’m passionate about using data for visual storytelling. Before launching this magazine I worked on implementing big data software for Palantir Technologies in Palo Alto and New York City. Now I’m spending a year or two living in Mumbai, learning to make decent chai, and working full-time on datawovn.

Datawovn contains no ads and gets support from opt-in subscribers who contribute as much as they like. If you find the visualizations here valuable, please consider subscribing below. Thanks, and namaste!

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Chris Walker

Find me on Twitter: @cpwalker07